We are on the ‘cutting edge’ of both community safety and community engagement work. We regularly partner with organisations to lead new interventions. Just as often we are asked to deliver Clients own interventions and in some cases rescue projects that have gone awry.

Some of our most asked for interventions include:

FFWD – For Futures Worth Developing

FFWD is an action based youth intervention methodology that, rather than providing diversionary activity for a short period, changes behaviour patterns of participants. The key features are:

  • Workshop sessions that enable young people to explore the concepts of self, diversity, community, conflict and resolution.
  • Through the programme provide a structured framework that will enable young people to address the tensions between rival groups with a view to building bridges towards reconciliation.

The Challenge

The challenge programme written by Graham Chaseling with the International Restorative Justice pioneer, Terry O’Connell, is available in the UK, piloted by Catalyst. It is based on a Restorative Practice approach that puts victims and offenders at the centre of the process. It is a structured development and involves a series of facilitated stages.

The programme brings Victims and Offenders together with their Communities of Care. Through a series of respectful engagements, it aims to positively influence their social context by focusing on building and strengthening relationships. The Challenge Map looks like this:

  1. Meeting & introduction
  2. Setting expectations, goals, skills audits, – begin the Challenge journal
  3. Building the support team – mentors, friends & family
  4. Preparation for the Gathering
  5. The Gathering – (the restorative meeting), including victim and offenders and supporters.
  6. Doing the work outlined in the plan – reflection on results of the journey, fill skills gap, build confidence, share experiences with others
  7. Final gathering and review of the restorative journey – Celebration!